Demo data

The real-world problem that lead to the creation of this approach and this site is the quasi-instant identification of infectious pathogens from next-generation sequencing data. Naturaly the example data we propose are from a recent outbreak.

Synthetic reads for Acaryochloris marina

Synthetic reads from the full genome sequence were generated using ArtificialFastqGenerator(Frampton and Houlston, 2012): reads for Acaryochloris marina.

Ion Torrent PGM reads from an E. coli outbreak

Few raw Ion Torrent PGM reads for the E.coli outbreak in Germany in 2011, as sequenced by Dag Harmsen and collaborators.

The file can be downloaded, then directly uploaded as a whole to test the service.

The expected outcome is that the site will point out that the reads will come from an E.coli, and one will note that nasty ones are among the first hits.

About this site

More details about the site and its output can be found here.